Branding has a bad rap when it comes to certain people. Some people see it as a step towards the “consumer culture that is destroying the world.” That was an actual quote that was said to me by a client, and the little anarchist in me agreed to some extent.

However, it stands to reason that if you’re participating in the world economy — as a musician or a corporate entity — you are responsible for the product that you peddle. If you have faith in your product, and you can say that you operate under an ethos of good will, I can say that my product is your product. I’m here to help people brand so that they can get their product or service out there in a big way. I try and help companies and individuals that I believe in for one reason or another.

Not everyone uses that kind of discretion, and I can’t say that I always have, but I’m saying all of this to drive this point: If you’re doing something good, and you’re not marketing it the right way, you’re doing a disservice to the world and yourself. Establishing good branding can help put faith in the people that trust you and your company. I’ve seen it myself.

If you’re interesting in working together, you know what to do.