Introducing the Spumonicaster

I found this barely used Squier Bullet Strat on a Facebook group, Long Island Gear Exchange. It came with a starter amp, and was clearly intended to be a beginner’s guitar. It’s fitting since this was actually one of only a few guitars I had painted.

Photo Sep 12, 9 37 03 PM

The color of the green is really gorgeous, and I wanted whatever I did to allow that bold rich seafoam-ish color to cut through.

I started by dismantling the guitar, putting all pieces in little bags that were clearly labeled. I then selected my palette from my Posca markers, trying not to go too crazy with the amount of colors. The limit I set for myself was five.

For preliminary work, I used window markers, which wiped off the body very cleanly as a result of the existing clearcoat. Once I applied the paint and let it dry, I was able to wipe away residual window marker with bathroom tissue.

I was painting the headstock when I decided to call this the Spumonicaster. These color were legitimately making me hungry.

Photo Sep 29, 2 52 21 PM

Here’s the finished product. I’ll be working on re-soldering the electronics this weekend, and I’ll be putting it up for sale next week.


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