@paulmotisi (January 6, 2020 8:30pm)

The strangest thing about opening an Etsy shop last year was that it was an opportunity to focus on my own projects, and make what I wanted to make solely because I wanted to make it, and seeing if it resonated with others. It’s one of the few times where I can make art without answering to another person for approval. And that’s odd, but I don’t think it’s unusual for designers.

Our entire profession as designers/artists for hire is a customer service business. There is nothing about that sentence that bothers me. I love what I do. But it is a far cry from what I thought “being an artist” was growing up. And now that I’m here… It’s so hard to put in words… Sometimes when presented with time to work on a passion project alone, it’s both deeply fulfilling and now somehow, strangely lonely? I feel like having a client or working with a team is so normal for me now that working on my own can feel strange, and I don’t always get the satisfaction that I had as a self-indulgent teenager.

I say all of this because I was talking with my friend @graz_music a few months ago and we had a discussion about making some art together. We found a cool way to do it, and it’s very exciting to bring an outside party into my passion project. Our love of the Dead resulted in this: Graz’s paint pours met my stencils to making completely original Jerry Garcia paintings. There are 5 in this series, and there will likely be more. It’s arguably my favorite piece in the shop to date, and I don’t think I’d feel that way if I had done it alone. Thanks, Graz.

The link is in the bio. That’s the part I have to say. What I want to say is this: collaborate, all the time. It makes life better. ❤️ #stencilart #spraypaint #gratefuldead #jerrygarcia #deadhead #stealyourface #paintpour #dirtypour #montanapaint #psychedelic #colorful #etsyshop #etsy #etsyseller #stealie #art #painting #paintingoftheday

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