@paulmotisi (March 9, 2020 12:56pm)

This design had been sitting in the wings for a little bit, and it’s finally made its way over to @cottonbureau if you want this on a tee for yourself. As far as what it says, it’s something I had said to myself a while back in a moment of doubt. I needed to remind myself that I was strong enough to continue, because I was strong by virtue of how far I’d come. There are great advantages and disadvantages to being self-employed. Ratios shift around: flexibility, stability, risk, stakes. It’s all different from most of the people around you. And people may think you’re just “doodling” of just sitting around all the time. But there’s a lot more to do than just the thing you want to do. The thing you want to do is soon buried in all the other things that you need to do, and the idea of an right hour day goes out the window. There are compromises that you need to make, people you will disappoint, times you want to give up, all of that. It doesn’t feel good all the time. But those moments when stars align and things work out, it doesn’t just feel good, it’s pure bliss. And all you can do is work towards having more moments like that. And it gets easier, because you’ve been building it yourself with your bare hands. Stay strong, fellow freelancers. Your independence is worth fighting for.

Beautiful textures from @truegrittexturesupply
Really helped this one come to life!

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