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Paul has a podcast.

He interviews musicians, artists, and other creative to learn about their motivations, processes, and goals in an attempt to help find wisdom to impact both his, and the listener’s work.

It’s called Death Before Desk Job. You can listen on Spotify, Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, or wherever you like to listen.

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Long Island Artist for Hire

Paul Motisi is a graphic designer and visual artist from Long Island, NY. His mother insists that he’s been destined to be an artist since he first held a crayon, but he’s pretty sure she’s biased. Since then, he’s produced dozens of album covers, gig posters, and brand identity pieces.

You can read his full bio here, or explore his curated catalog of work. You should consider following him on Instagram, where he doesn’t have to awkwardly speak about himself in the third person like he is right now.

All right, friend. Let’s talk.

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Phone: 516.647.4174


Instagram: @paulmotisi