If you’ve got a show coming up and you’re looking to really do something bold, a custom poster might be the right way to go. Sure, you could tweet about it, and you might get some feedback, but an exciting poster can really go a long way when it come to catching people’s eye.

Here’s how the process generally goes. Once we start, I’ll ask for the pertinents: the date, the place, the time. If there’s a specific visual you have in mind, I’ll probably ask more about that too. If not, that’s fine. That’s why you hired me!

I’m probably going to listen to your music. A lot. I try really hard to get into the music as much as possible before I just crank something out. I’m usually looking for a specific feeling, and maybe an image I can work off of. Then I get to work.

I’ll run everything by you along the way, and once we’re all happy with the end result, I’ll point you in the right direction from there. If you need poster printing, I have friends that I can steer you to. No two shows are the same, and that goes for how that show gets, promoted, too.

So, what do you say? Are you ready to get started?